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Explore MACOLA™ software alternatives by finding a reliable ERP advisor

Evaluating MACOLA™ software alternative for 2024? 

Reduce the budget allocated to maintaining your MACOLA™ system running while still maintaining a powerful and flexible platform for your business.

MACOLA™ users choose Consensus International as their trusted ERP partner when contemplating the adoption of a fresh ERP solution.

|Top 6 reasons 

data extraction toolkit - consensus international

Data Extraction Toolkit

We have developed a custom-made Data Extraction Toolkit to move and transfer key data from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One. This is not a lengthy implementation that needs to be started from scratch!

We know the system inside and out - consensus international

We know MACOLA™ inside and out

With our in-depth knowledge of MACOLA™ software, we are well-versed in its capabilities and limitations. This enables us to truly understand your pain points and provide effective solutions to assist you.

ex macola business partners - consensus international

Ex MACOLA™ business partner

Consensus International was a MACOLA™ business partner for over 10 years and was instrumental in building the localizations and translations for MACOLA™ in Latin America. 

macola implementation experience - consensus international

In the past, we implemented MACOLA™ 800+ times

Over the past 20 years and supported hundreds of MACOLA™ customers around the globe.

we speak macola - consensus international

We speak MACOLA™!

Consensus International leadership team is made up of ex- MACOLA™ technical staff and consultants.

we speak sap business one- consensus international

We speak SAP Business One

During our 33+ years in business, we have established an impeccable track-record of SAP Business One ERP implementations and have been awarded numerous times for our performance and innovation.

Upgrade to SAP Business One seamlessly, on budget, and without any unnecessary complications.



Manage your entire business with SAP Business One

Trusted by 80,000 customers around the world, SAP Business One is an affordable ERP software designed for small to mid-sized businesses with the capabilities to manage your entire business - from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management to operations and human resources.

sap- business-one
sap business one vs macola - erps comparison
ERP Comparison 

SAP Business One Vs MACOLA™

SAP Business One outpaces MACOLA™ in multiple areas that impact the way you do business. This blog highlights some of the advantages small and midsized businesses enjoy when they replace MACOLA™ with SAP Business One.


TOP 11 aspects MACOLA™ users LOVE about SAP Business One

According to Carman Carter, Owner and President at Norwest Manufacturing Equipment, “the investment in SAP Business One is absolutely worth it”. Explore the Top 11 reasons MACOLA™ users LOVE SAP Business One.

top 11 reasons

From MACOLA™ to SAP Business One

Discover how Norwest Manufacturing, distributors, and manufacturers of agricultural equipment, transitioned from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One without disrupting customer service.

"We were able to do the transition from MACOLA™ to SAP Business One very easily. We went from old to new and were able to serve our customers and continue with business the way it was done before”.

Carman Carter Owner and President at Norwest Manufacturing Equipment.

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We help companies running Exact MACOLA™ 10 or Progression, migrate to SAP Business One ERP for small and midsize businesses.

Uncover the cost and timeline of implementing SAP Business One ERP for your company.

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